The Pros and Cons of Hardwood Flooring Vs Bamboo

The Pros and Cons of Hardwood Flooring Vs Bamboo

With horizontal construction, bamboo strips are placed into 3 layers on leading of one particular an additional. This creates a regular “knuckles” or nodes look, since the grain of the board closely resembles the look of bamboo grass. You may be questioning about the variety of style choices, installation, upkeep and why bamboo flooring may perhaps not be as eco-friendly as it appears. Bamboo is a well-liked selection in hardwood flooring because it’s extremely tough and regarded eco-friendly. Just, the longer the manufacturer is in the marketplace, the lot more trustworthy.


Look of Bamboo Floors

You need to also seal the concrete as well substantially moisture can outcome in the adhesive letting go of the boards. Acclimate the boards – The boards should sit in the house, or the space they will be installed in, for five-30 days before installation can take spot. This allows the boards to adjust to the humidity of the room. Skipping this waiting period can generate a floor with gaps and some measure of instability.

Bamboo flooring items that steer clear of formaldehyde use are accessible, which includes some listed in the GreenSpec Directory. Finally, an ultraviolet curing lacquer is applied to the boards. Whereas a hardwood flooring is basically reduced from a single log, each bamboo flooring plank is a composite of various person bamboo stalks. And the way these planks are constructed depends on the type of bamboo flooring you purchase. On the downside, bamboo flooring shares numerous disadvantages with hardwood floors. Each are susceptible to scratches and demand particular sealants to shield against water.

Is Bamboo Flooring Good?

While much less sturdy, this floor presents cleaner, more modern graining. Throughout production, carbon is added to dye the bamboo all through rather than just on the surface. Carbonizing decreases a floor’s strength and makes it softer. With no staining or carbonization, all-natural bamboo is blond. Order 4 totally free flooring samples to see how our floors look in your dwelling! Additional cost-free samples will incur a tiny shipping surcharge.

Plus, the unique forms make apples-to-apples comparisons a challenge. Ease of installation and affordability are pluses with this renewable material, but spend close consideration to quality. Anywhere you’d use wood—including baths, kitchens, basements—but it really is topic to the similar threat of damage from excess moisture or dryness as hardwood. Millions of men and women ask HomeGuide for expense estimates every year. We track the estimates they get from nearby organizations, then we share these costs with you. Bamboo Flooring Pros and Cons Sustainable You like the process of sustainability and eco-awareness in your life and house.