Palm Tree Diseases & Infestations

Palm Tree Diseases & Infestations

Trees can also get sick or contract infections, just like people. If you have a cold or know someone who has, it is important to know the symptoms. Trees can also show symptoms. These symptoms can be recognized and treated so that the tree receives the right care. Sometimes, the tree might be hazardous and will need to be removed.

Our certified arborists and our skilled team can assist you in any situation. If your tree cannot be saved, we’ll explain the best course of action.

Why are my palm tree’s fronds yellow?

Lethal yellowing – This tree disease was first discovered in the Caribbean. It slowly spread northward and now affects trees throughout Florida. The name Lethal Yellowing comes from the yellowing that appears on palm fronds. This then leads to tree death. First, the yellowing begins with the lower fronds and then moves up to the crown. A palm tree’s crown might have a single frond at its center. This is called a “flag Leaf”. If the flag leaf turns yellow, there is a significant risk that the tree will die.

Lethal yellowing is caused by a microorganism (phytoplasma/bacteria) which is transferred through insects known as leafhoppers, as they feed on a diseased palm the disease is ingested which allows it to spread and infect the next palm they feed on.

Although symptoms can vary from one palm to the next, they tend to follow a pattern. First symptoms may include browning or darkening the inflorescence (the cluster …

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Solar Can Save You!

Solar Can Save You!

Solar energy is unquestionably beneficial to our planet, as is well known. But can you maximize its use both for the environment and your wallet? As solar panel installation becomes more affordable, financial incentives associated with installing a solar panel system become just as appealing as environmental benefits.

It’s no shock that nearly 645,000 US households and businesses made the switch to solar energy in 2014. After all, installing solar panels can save homeowners more than their initial cost of installation – so why waste both your money and environment when Earth receives over 8 million quads (1 quad = 1,000,000,000,000,000 BTU) of clean, renewable solar energy annually?

You can be both environmentally responsible and economical with your spending. Installing solar panels on your home will not only reduce energy usage but also provide financial rewards. This infographic will explain the financial advantages of solar power in more detail, providing facts and stats such as:

Most Expensive Solar System

NEL reports a $152,200,000 solar energy system constructed in Florida in October 2009.

Oldest Solar System

NREL maintains records on some of America’s oldest solar systems, which were installed between 1983 and 1985 either in Florida or Idaho by NREL.

Every year, 8.2 million quads worth of solar energy is absorbed by the earth.

On average, residential solar systems pay back in 9 years while commercial systems require much shorter payback periods.

Installing a rooftop mount for residential use costs less than $3.00/Watt and can provide energy to homes for up …

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Is It Legal to Live in A Storage Unit?

Is It Legal to Live in A Storage Unit?

What would you do if you found yourself suddenly without a place to live due to financial hardship? Some might opt to live with family or close friends, while others might consider renting out storage facilities where they can store their belongings. Although a storage unit may seem appealing at first glance, it’s not recommended nor safe.

Can You Live in a Storage Unit?


Many local and federal housing laws prohibit the use of storage units. To abide by most insurance policies and the law, facilities must remove anyone found living on their premises.

This restriction was put in place for safety. A man tragically lost his life due to a fire that started in a storage unit in 2019. It would also be unsafe for residents to live there permanently.

Another instance occurred when police had to evacuate multiple residents from a storage unit due to health hazards. Furthermore, they stressed that living in an unzoned area for residential use is illegal.

Are People Commonly Living in Storage Units?

After becoming homeless, 007craft was found living in a storage unit. This viral Youtube video garnered attention but is both misleading and problematic; it gives the illusion of luxury living while actually portraying living in an industrial-sized storage unit as anything but glamorous or innovative. We can assure you: this is not the case!

Storage units are more cost-effective than renting an apartment, yet many still prefer them. People who find themselves homeless or in dire need of housing …

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Should You Repair or Replace A Commercial Roof

Should You Repair or Replace A Commercial Roof

Regular maintenance for commercial roofs is necessary to detect minor issues and avoid expensive repairs. You may need to consider either repair or replacement options if you detect any issues early on, such as a leak. Although a commercial roof can be replaced, it may not always be necessary. In many cases, the decision between repair or replacement falls to an experienced professional contractor.

The Ideal Option for Recovering

Roof recovery can extend the life of your roofing systems. Recovering the root surface can fix minor issues with minor fixes, and installing a new cover on top will provide years of quality durability if all components are in good condition – something which can be done once with commercial membrane before having to replace all at once. Recovering over replacing is an attractive choice since you won’t have to ship large quantities of construction materials offsite until it’s necessary; plus you won’t have to ship large volumes of materials into landfill until need arises. This option may prove especially cost-effective over time since landfill disposal costs become prohibitive otherwise

Roof Replacement

If your roof’s coatings haven’t been repaired, replacing it may be necessary. A full replacement is more cost-effective than doing repairs or recovering after quarter damage, which many professional contractors consider a breaking point for roofs. A roof with more than one quarter damage may need replacement as well.

This post was written by Reggie Reed! Reggie is a state-certified roofing contractor and co-owner of Reggie Reed Roofing, the …

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Think It's Time to Remove Your Tree?

Think It’s Time to Remove Your Tree?

Trees add an attractive element to any landscape. However, it can be challenging to remove trees that have been damaged due to storm damage, become diseased, or polluted with insects or other hazardous substances – for safety reasons this must be done.

Sometimes it can be challenging to tell when a tree needs removal. To properly care for your trees and recognize those in dire need of removal, it’s essential that you become knowledgeable about tree health.

Continue reading to discover the five telltale signs you should consider tree removal. This guide can help you determine when it’s time to contact a professional tree service for assistance.

1. Property Damage

Trees in your yard could be causing you or your neighbor property damage. Dead branches can cause serious injury as well as destruction to homes, fences, and cars – so it is essential that the problematic tree be taken down before further harm occurs.

2. Mushrooms

If you notice mushrooms growing at the base of trees, it could indicate a bigger issue is developing. Mushrooms thrive in decaying matter and usually indicate an underlying issue; so if there are many mushrooms around your tree’s base it could indicate more serious issues brewing underneath. Many mushrooms are poisonous so avoid planting them in your yard!

3. Weather Damage

It’s essential to monitor tree health if you plan on performing tree service. Safety first! However, it’s also essential to keep an eye out for decaying trees so you can identify warning signs …

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