Multifunctional Room at Home? Why not!

Multifunctional Room at Home? Why not!

Does your house have a separate room for every activity starting from the dining room, bedroom, workroom, children’s playroom, kitchen, dining room, multimedia room, and so on? The small size of the land limits us to be able to have separate space for each activity. What is the solution? A multifunctional room.

As the name implies, a multifunctional room is a space that can be used for various activities. For example, a kitchen can double as a dining room, a guest bedroom doubles as a workspace, a family room doubles as a dining room and workspace, and so on.

The following are some inspirations for multifunctional spaces as clear evidence that limited space cannot limit your efforts in creating a comfortable home.

Workspace Integrated With Other Rooms

You don’t have to have a special room to create a workspace or private office at home. With a little planning and creative …

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