Get to Know the Evaporative Air Conditioner Function (components, types, and how it works)

Get to Know the Evaporative Air Conditioner Function (components, types, and how it works)

The evaporative air conditioner is one part of the AC (air conditioner) system. The function of the AC evaporator is to be the opposite of that of the AC condenser.

The evaporator on the air conditioner is located between the expansion valve and the AC compressor. To be precise, the AC evaporator is located under the inner dashboard. Usually, the evaporator on the AC is equipped with a filter to blower into the cabin.

The evaporative air conditioner consists of several parts or components. The components of the AC evaporator are the same as the condenser, namely fin, and tube. Fin is finned to direct the flow of air exhaled by the blower. Meanwhile, the tube is a channel or hose as the way for the flow of freon or refrigerant that is sprayed by the expansion valve.

The way the AC evaporator works is the opposite of the condenser. If the condenser released heat from the freon through the air, then the evaporator in the air conditioner releases heat from the air to the freon or refrigerant. This will cause the air entering the blower to become cold or cool. The amount of heat absorbed corresponds to the amount of air heat dissipated into the air by the condenser.

The function evaporator on the air conditioner has a very important role in the AC system, so it needs to be studied further. What is the function of the AC evaporator? What are the types of AC evaporators? How does the AC evaporator work? All of these things will be discussed.

AC Evaporator Function

The function of the evaporative air conditioner is to absorb the hot air exhaled by the blower, the heat from the air is released to the freon or refrigerant in the evaporator. Also, due to the …

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Home Styles Bar and Stool Set - Owner's Pride!

Home Styles Bar and Stool Set – Owner’s Pride!

Decorating your home is usually a daunting job, in particular for anyone who is looking for that stylish furniture that will blend nicely together with your home d├ęcor. And about kitchen furnishings, a little far more work could be needed as you are most likely to perform many functions instead of just meals around the dining table.

If you need a compact however functional dining set, then we recommend you attempt out the new Home Styles Bar and Stools, We feel that the Arts and Crafts Island and Two Stools set with a sophisticated black finish will add a modern flair to your home.

No matter if it is your kitchen, your bar region, or your living space this piece of furniture is going to be an ideal fit and can add fantastic value. The Home Styles Bar and Stools set is durably constructed with strong hardwood and engineered woods. And the rich multi-step ebony finish will give a trendy look to your home interior.

When you space constraint within your kitchen and are worried about storage choices, then we think that this bar tables and stools set will prove to become a handy option. There’s lots of space to save as the bar contains two bar doors that open as storage shelves with added storage area within the doors. Apart from the storage alternative in the doors, this bar tables and stools set gives further storage shelves in the center also. It is a perfect add-on as a bar counter with adequate storage space for your stemware also.

We believe that the bar stools give superb comfort as they include a contoured swivel seat plus a distinctively designed back. The wood footrests give good stability though you take pleasure in your day on these exquisite dining sets.

NFM offers …

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Classic House Style - Classic House Building Process

Classic House Style – Classic House Building Process

Classic home style is one of the most difficult (and potentially costly) designs to attain in home decor as it relies on developing a formal, symmetrical, elegant space using excellent decoration, furnishings, and accessories. This style draws fairly a bit of inspiration from history and it is not the history of the poor farm or factory worker but that on the landed gentry and industrial leaders on the day. Hence the expense.


Classic style is, certainly, a lot more conveniently achieved in big rooms with higher ceilings with lend themselves to fine furnishings and architectural facts. Here are some elements to take into consideration in attaining this style.


Quality Counts


In a classic style, the high-quality of every element is significant. Furniture will frequently be heavy and produced of wood and can be intricately carved. Curtains and window valances should be inside a formal style and heavy fabric as well as other soft furnishings ought to be in luxurious fabrics including silk or heavy cotton damask. Strong wood flooring with expensive oriental region rugs will assist achieve the classic look at floor level.




When you’ve got some genuine antique furniture then this will lift your room and help your classic look. If it truly is battered-looking get it restored to its former glory.




Classic rooms are normally symmetrical in an arrangement so you could have a hall table with two matching lamps, a bed with two matching bedside tables, and also a living area with two chairs, 1 on either side of your fireplace! It is possible to not surprisingly have different non-matching elements in a room but they must be all in proportion to one another. So you’d not possess a giant slouchy sofa to go with two upright formal …

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Multifunctional Room at Home? Why not!

Multifunctional Room at Home? Why not!

Does your house have a separate room for every activity starting from the dining room, bedroom, workroom, children’s playroom, kitchen, dining room, multimedia room, and so on? The small size of the land limits us to be able to have separate space for each activity. What is the solution? A multifunctional room.

As the name implies, a multifunctional room is a space that can be used for various activities. For example, a kitchen can double as a dining room, a guest bedroom doubles as a workspace, a family room doubles as a dining room and workspace, and so on.

The following are some inspirations for multifunctional spaces as clear evidence that limited space cannot limit your efforts in creating a comfortable home.

Workspace Integrated With Other Rooms

You don’t have to have a special room to create a workspace or private office at home. With a little planning and creative space arrangement, you can create a work area that integrates with other spaces.

Multifunctional Room at Home? Why not! An empty area right next to the kitchen can be used as a work area. The use of a different color of the floor as if separating the two areas, although both are in the same room.

An empty area right next to the kitchen can be used as a work area. The use of a different floor color seems to separate the two areas, even though they are both in the same room.


This multifunctional space combines the workspace bedroom. The work area is made right next to the bed, complete with built-in shelves as a storage area. Multifunctional Room at Home? Why not!

Combination of Kitchen and Dining

The multifunctional space that combines the kitchen and dining room allows homeowners to be able to cook and socialize with other people, be it family members, friends, or relatives. The combination of
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Get To Know The Functions, Models, And Sizes Of The Most Popular And Sought-After Paving Blocks

Get To Know The Functions, Models, And Sizes Of The Most Popular And Sought-After Paving Blocks

Looking for paving blocks? Know in advance what are the functions, model, and size of paving blocks that are the most requested.

Paving blocks are a decorative technique used to create a path. This decoration is made of ordinary brick or decorative brick that appears on the ground.

How to install it, decorative brick with a certain pattern is placed on the ground, so that it displays a neat and beautiful design.

Paving blocks are often found on the streets around residential complexes or small alleys.

This decoration can also be presented on the front of the house which will give a more attractive appearance to the facade of the house.

Paving blocks themselves have many uses, apart from being a decorative element, they can also function as a substitute for asphalt road coating.

Paving Block Function

In general, the use of paving blocks serves as a decoration or aesthetic need.

When viewed from its benefits in construction, paving blocks themselves have a role to stabilize uneven soil conditions. That way, the surface can be stable and occupied by heavy loads such as cars.

Besides, paving blocks are very popular because they can be repaired if there is damage.

However, paving blocks also have advantages and disadvantages that must be considered.

Paving block size

The size of paving blocks varies greatly, starting from the size

     5 cm x 21 cm;

     5 cm x 22.5 cm;

     7 cm x 9.6 cm.

The sizes are very diverse, making each type of paving block have different types of patterns and can be tailored to the needs of the house.

Currently, there are many different forms and models of paving blocks available.

Here Are Some Of The Most Sought-After Paving Block Models And Sizes.

1.    The brick model

Get To Know The Functions, Models, And Sizes Of The Most Popular And Sought-After Paving Blocks

Brick is one …

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