Designer Kitchens and Bathrooms

Designer Kitchens and Bathrooms

No matter how you furnish your home styles are constantly changing so it is no surprise when you take a critical at your home and realise that it is looking very dated.

Kitchens and bathrooms seem to take the brunt more that any other rooms in the house, this would not matter so much but both the kitchen and bathroom cost a fortune to renovate.

Designers seem to constantly come up with new ideas on how your kitchen or bathroom should look and when you thought you had a really up to date bathroom or kitchen after spending a fortune a couple of years ago, they are egging you on to change it to keep up with the new styles and designs.

Think back to when the new coloured bathroom suites came out, everyone had to have one. But the bathroom designers were not content with that, every twelve months or so they brought out a new colour and it felt like your lovely new bathroom was already going out of fashion.

When all the colours were exhausted they decided that white was back in fashion and your coloured bathroom suite stood out like a sore thumb, and to make it worse you had got rid of a white bathroom suite to install the coloured one in.

Next on the agenda the old fashioned look was back, those old fashioned cast iron bathtubs that we got rid of years ago are now the in thing and they do not come cheap.

Your kitchen is also in the line of fire. If you want to look up to date and have a designer kitchen then that shiny sleek stainless steel sink unit has to go, and the old fashion white kitchen sink is back.

Keeping up to date with the appliances in your kitchen is an impossibility they are changed so often. The bigger the better seems to be what the fridge manufacturers keep saying, but how many homes have the space to install them?

Appliances are changing constantly and you can not keep renewing them for the sake of style. According to the manufacturers the latest high spec models are better than the one you already have in your home but if you are happy with what you have why change it?

But what if you put your house on the market! Do you bring it up to date before selling to give it the wow factor?

The kitchen and bathroom are the biggest selling point in any home, so if you want to reach the maximum price for your house these are the areas to improve.

Is it worth all the expense and upheaval? To start with you are going to want to recoup the money you have just spent, so your home goes on the market at a higher price, but if it sells quickly it has been worth the time, effort, and money spent and everyone is happy.

And who knows, if your home really has the wow factor you might even decide to stay there.