5 Different Home Decor Inspirations From Justina Prada

5 Different Home Decor Inspirations From Justina Prada

Every year the home decor trends change. From pastel colors to bold and rich colors, there is a wide array of colors that can add to the design theme of your home. However, this is not a one size fits all approach; there are always nuances that will require you to customize some of your decisions concerning color. Let’s look at some of the most popular decorating style changes from year to year:

Trends come and go, but there is a trend that lasts year after year. This has been the consistent style of interior design that has managed to remain relevant through the decades. It has been the classic style that includes elements of Victorian, Greek, French, and German cultures and influences. It combines warm color schemes with a feeling of depth and space. Let’s take a look at some examples of this timeless interior design style.

Home decor inspiration for this year can be found in the rustic, country feel of the style known as Bali. Bali will include elements such as palm trees, sandalwood, bamboo, and floral accents. You can see the influence of this style in pieces such as bedding, tablecloths, rugs, lamps, and ceramics. These elements will help you create the home decor inspiration that you need.

The inspiration for this home decor style can be found in the post shared by Pinterest members and users. Pinterest is a popular source of interior decorating ideas for the home. The users post images of rooms or entire buildings that they have decorated using various shades of color. You can use this as a base for various aspects of the design such as color, light, and space. You will also find inspiration in the accessories and furniture that you find on Pinterest.

The first home decor inspiration

Serena from Pinterest has created a lovely home decor inspiration gallery. Her inspiration comes from different parts of the world including the Philippines, Thailand, and the United States. It can include touches of country-western, French provincial, Mexican, and oriental to modern minimalist. The furniture and accessories are very eclectic and unique. It seems that every single piece is a conversation piece.

This is another great home decor inspiration post shared by the Pinterest member and designer Serena. It is titled inspired decorating and features a lovely room in San Francisco with wooden flooring. The color scheme is neutral and the furnishings are very eclectic. The post also showcases a coffee table that is very ornate with a glass top.

The second home decor inspiration

There is a post shared by Jessica who loves to use bright colors and bold patterns. The inspiration is something that can be applied to many areas of the home including the dining room, living room, family room, and bedroom. The home interior designer uses warm oranges and yellows as accents and the furniture is very contemporary. The photo on the Pinterest page is a tableau of a large dining room.

The third home decor inspiration

This is the third post shared by Justine. It is titled home decor inspiration with a difference. She uses photos taken from all over the globe and then combines them to create a unique and interesting look. This one takes the “coffee-table” approach and incorporates a variety of textures and materials to create a very interesting look.

This one is from Serena. It is titled inspired decorating and features a lovely dining room in San Diego with a wrought-iron design. The colors are very fresh and cheerful and the style is eclectic with a lot of Native American influences. Serena has a love of antiques and the rustic life. The decor featured in this one is done with a lovely touch of floral prints throughout. There is a mirror that features a deer in a large wooden crate placed above the dining room table.

The fourth home decor inspiration

The fourth-inspired home decor inspiration post from Justina is entitled inspired decorating for the southwest. It features an area rug that is a deep orange with a sage green border. There is a large ceramic bowl on the dining table that features beautiful colors and a cowboy-style frame around the rim. This one is a great way to get southwest style into your home without having to do anything else.

The fifth home decor inspiration

The fifth inspiration post shared by Justina is titled inspiration for my bedroom. It features a beautiful bed that is done in a neutral color, black. There is an ornate mirror on the wall above the bed that also is done in black with a sage green trim around the edges. The bed features a lace-up valance that is feathered and has a bow at the crown. This interior decoration piece is from Justina and it is truly a breathtaking example of color and style.