Bedbugs: From the Past to the Future

Bedbugs have always been around. No one knows when these creatures first appeared on the Earth. They have been here since the days that pharaohs ruled Egypt. These blood sucking parasitic creatures have been munching on human blood for thousands of years. There isn’t a country, culture or group of people that have not experienced the scourge of this creature. Bedbugs have always been around. Unfortunately for all humans, their future is looking brighter than ever.

The year is 2018 and bedbugs still have a foothold in most major American cities. Baltimore, Washington D.C., Cincinnati and Detroit are all metropolitan areas that have been compromised by bed bugs. Lexington, Kentucky is the nation’s 60th largest city by population. This city is ranked at number 42 out the 50 worst places in America for bed bugs. Bed bug treatment services Lexington KY are available for people who have been infected by this pestilence.

Many Americans are now feeling the effects of bed bugs infestations. In the past, these creatures had a foothold in America that was hard to wipe out. When American soldiers were in the Europe during World War II, bed bug infestations were common. As a matter of fact, General McArthur stated they were extremely problematic on military bases. Eventually, American soldiers figured out how to get rid of bed bugs. Thy used a substance called DDT and it was extremely effective. However, this substance was poisonous to humans and it was banned. Once DDT was removed from the market, the bugs slowly made their way back.

Globalism and international travel began to expand. People all over the world traveled from one area to the next. According to the History Channel website, modern bed bug infestations increased as the result of international travel. Also, society’s increased mobility helped to spread the bed bug epidemic. People spend more time out of their home traveling and visiting places.

As of 2018 the bed bug epidemic is no longer contained to residential homes. Bedbugs are in hotels, restaurants, department stores and are found in many public schools and libraries. In the future, these creatures are expected to keep going strong. Some cities such as New York have managed to reduce their bed bug problem. However, no city will completely eradicate these creatures. Since powerful chemical substance such as DDT have been banned, the bed bug epidemic is expected to continue for many years in to the future.

“Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.” This is an old phrase that people use to say during their prayers right before they went to sleep. People who grew up during the 60s, 70s and 80s never understood this phrase from a personal experience. However, children growing up in the late 90s, the 2000s and the 2010s know perfectly well what this phrase means. Bed bugs for people growing up in the 2020s will also be a problem as well. They too will know all about these bugs from personal experience.

Societies are constantly fighting against the bed bug scourge, but they are not expected to win this war. The only way that cities and nations can expect to get rid of these creatures is using powerful chemical substances such as DDT. According to the Scientific American Journal, some nations might consider using this substance in limited and controlled environments to eliminate bed bugs. The war against bed bugs rage on. These pests from the past will still have a future with humanity.