Palm Tree Diseases & Infestations

Palm Tree Diseases & Infestations

Trees can also get sick or contract infections, just like people. If you have a cold or know someone who has, it is important to know the symptoms. Trees can also show symptoms. These symptoms can be recognized and treated so that the tree receives the right care. Sometimes, the tree might be hazardous and will need to be removed.

Our certified arborists and our skilled team can assist you in any situation. If your tree cannot be saved, we’ll explain the best course of action.

Why are my palm tree’s fronds yellow?

Lethal yellowing – This tree disease was first discovered in the Caribbean. It slowly spread northward and now affects trees throughout Florida. The name Lethal Yellowing comes from the yellowing that appears on palm fronds. This then leads to tree death. First, the yellowing begins with the lower fronds and then moves up to the crown. A palm tree’s crown might have a single frond at its center. This is called a “flag Leaf”. If the flag leaf turns yellow, there is a significant risk that the tree will die.

Lethal yellowing is caused by a microorganism (phytoplasma/bacteria) which is transferred through insects known as leafhoppers, as they feed on a diseased palm the disease is ingested which allows it to spread and infect the next palm they feed on.

Although symptoms can vary from one palm to the next, they tend to follow a pattern. First symptoms may include browning or darkening the inflorescence (the cluster …

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