I Am Fixing This Place Up

This place was something of a mess when I found it, but that worked out for the better for me. The former owner had been quite old and like a lot of people who become very old they were not really capable of doing some of the stuff you need to do to maintain a house. There are lots of small things, like for example about half of the plantation shutters needed to be replaced and that is not so simple as it seems when you are paying something above a hundred and thirty dollars for each one of them. I needed six of them and so that really adds up. If you had a wood shop and time was not a factor I suppose that you could make them yourself. However I have a full time job and that just is not worth the effort and time which would be required to invest in that sort of project.

At any rate the woman who inherited the house was a nephrologist, which means that she is a kidney doctor and she lives about four and a half hours away. The woman had a lot of other things to do and it was not like she wanted to invest the money and time required to get the best deal that she could get. At any rate the person she hired to help her get rid of the place happened to know me, she and my ex girlfriend were very close. She knew that I was looking for exactly this sort of project and I ended up getting an excellent deal. Obviously most buyers are going to look at this sort of place and only see the problems, but if you know the way then you can do the math and come to a price.