Bathroom Floor Tiles – Choosing Your New Bathroom Floor

Bathroom Floor Tiles - Choosing Your New Bathroom Floor

When it comes to bathroom floor tiles most people are only familiar with traditional ceramic tiles. But some other materials are available for this style of application. Each one has its appearance and personality, while still providing different benefits and usefulness. And no two tiles are the same! Choosing the right design idea will help to make sure that your remodeled bathroom is both functional and attractive.

Non-slip Floor Tile

Non-slip floor tile ideas are easy to come by as they’re readily available in a wide variety of colors and styles. There’s also a choice of interlocking tiles which are becoming quite popular. They may not be as strong as ceramic or vinyl-based tiles but they certainly offer some extra peace of mind.

Tiles are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials too. With a little imagination, you can even have custom tile made to measure your bathroom space! Whatever type of bathroom floor you choose, there will always be a style that will complement it perfectly. Here’s a quick rundown of some tile ideas to get you started:


Ceramic tiles are often the first choice of homeowners when it comes to replacing old traditional tiles. Available in square, rectangle, and round styles they are easy to work with and come in a wide variety of colors including black and white. Tiles made from ceramic, have the advantage of being resistant to water and soap scum which can lead to nasty slips and falls.


A monochrome floor tile is much more boring than its multi-colored counterparts but there is a lot to be said for a striking, unique design. Available in white, black, and natural colors they can add a sense of depth or height to a room. Some of the most popular monochrome tiles include Black Diamond, White Pearl, Natural/Reflective/White, Red Star, Antique Terra Cotta, Etc. You can purchase these tiles in various sized squares.


A great choice for a new bathroom, concrete tiles are hard wearing and durable. Also, because they’re solid they won’t absorb much water meaning there is little risk of slipping and you don’t need to worry about molds either. Available in a wide range of colors including slate, sandstone, and slate, concrete is ideal for bathroom floors as it holds its shape well. Concrete can be used as a shower floor as well.


Porcelain is perhaps the best-known floor tile for the bathroom. Very easy to clean, smooth, and hygienic porcelain tiles look great and are easy to fit. Also, the natural material they’re made from is porous so they hold moisture well and are suitable for the bathroom if you have high levels of foot traffic as water will be absorbed quickly by the tile and won’t leave a damp mark behind. Porcelain is probably the most expensive tile material but it’s worth getting it if your budget allows it as it will last a very long time. A great advantage of porcelain bathroom floor tile has been that they are scratch-resistant, a definite advantage over some of the cheaper tiles which don’t hold their shape.


If you are looking for a traditional look then slate is a great choice. Very tough and durable this type of tile is also ideal for bathroom walls and even vanity mirrors and this material comes in many different finishes. Slate can be quite slippery, so be careful when using it around bends, and turntables.


Marble is a favorite time of many homeowners as it is both practical and beautiful. Many bathrooms use marble because it doesn’t crack or break and is easy to clean. The downside of using marble in your bathroom is that it can be very expensive and it is difficult to find marble tiles that aren’t cut too coarse. Marble bathroom floor tiles are also known for looking old and dull over time and marble is a material that is very prone to scratches so you may want to consider other bathroom flooring options.

Ceramic / Wood

Wood and ceramic floor tiles are relatively new on the market but they have piqued the interest of many homeowners. Wood floor tiles look great in bathrooms as they absorb light and are relatively inexpensive compared to other tiles. Wood is also a great option for people who have allergies as it’s an excellent absorbent. While not quite as beautiful as marble and porcelain bathroom floor tiles these tiles are more widely available so they may be a good option if you’re on a tight budget.

Combining Tile and Flooring

Tiles used on their own can give your bathroom a unique look. If you don’t like any of the flooring options, you can always combine tile with some kind of decorative area rug to create a one-of-a-kind look. Many times homeowners will combine ceramic / wood tile with vinyl flooring to create a unique modern look.