Think It’s Time to Remove Your Tree?

Think It's Time to Remove Your Tree?

Trees add an attractive element to any landscape. However, it can be challenging to remove trees that have been damaged due to storm damage, become diseased, or polluted with insects or other hazardous substances – for safety reasons this must be done.

Sometimes it can be challenging to tell when a tree needs removal. To properly care for your trees and recognize those in dire need of removal, it’s essential that you become knowledgeable about tree health.

Continue reading to discover the five telltale signs you should consider tree removal. This guide can help you determine when it’s time to contact a professional tree service for assistance.

1. Property Damage

Trees in your yard could be causing you or your neighbor property damage. Dead branches can cause serious injury as well as destruction to homes, fences, and cars – so it is essential that the problematic tree be taken down before further harm occurs.

2. Mushrooms

If you notice mushrooms growing at the base of trees, it could indicate a bigger issue is developing. Mushrooms thrive in decaying matter and usually indicate an underlying issue; so if there are many mushrooms around your tree’s base it could indicate more serious issues brewing underneath. Many mushrooms are poisonous so avoid planting them in your yard!

3. Weather Damage

It’s essential to monitor tree health if you plan on performing tree service. Safety first! However, it’s also essential to keep an eye out for decaying trees so you can identify warning signs and take immediate action if needed.

Deciding to Remove A Tree

If you have decided to cut down a tree, do so promptly. Tree damage can result in branches falling off or even the entire tree falling, leading to injury or property loss.

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